Transportation and Travel

Getting there safe and sound!

Do you think that you are the person in your care may be a high risk driver? If it seems it is no longer a safe way to get around, don’t worry. There is a network of transportation services, public and private, that will pick up the disabled and the elderly at their homes.

Community transportation services may be provided by:

  • home health care agencies

  • religious organizations

  • the local American Red Cross

  • the Area Agency on Aging

  • local public transportation companies

NOTE: Many states ensure transportation to necessary medical care for Medicaid recipients. Check with your local Medicaid office to see if you qualify.

Quick Travel Checklist

  • When traveling with a person with a chronic condition follow these tips:

  • Be sure the travel plans are mentioned to the doctor.

  • Bring more medications than needed, along with a list of drug names and dosages. Also bring a list of all medical conditions.

  • Write the primary care doctor’s phone and beeper numbers on the health insurance card, along with the date of the last tetanus injection.