5 Expert Tips While Working From Home while Caregiving!

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1. Get Serious About Schedules. Caregivers know that schedules play critical roles in successful care management of a sick or aging family member. Waking up at the same time each day, going to bed, taking medicines, toileting, eating meals, TV time, exercise time, etc . . . a structured framework for anyone with a chronic illness, cognitive decline, or other special needs provides stability for them and for their caregiver. In the same vein, a schedule for work that operates around your caregiving routine is a must. Windows of time for taking meetings and for completing daily tasks like reports and emails, will lend themselves to making you not only a more capable and reliable team member to your co-workers, but a less stressed caregiver too.

2. Get a Headset.

Much of my job was spent on the phone, and for the earliest, most naive years of working from home and taking care of mom, I was always doing two things at once. When it came to taking calls, that meant cradling the phone between my ear and shoulder, and typing or writing with my hands. Boy did I pay for it within a couple of years though! I had chronic and radiating neck and back pain, and had to see a chiropractor for two years. If you haven’t already, get a headset, get earbuds, put your phone on speaker, whatever you need to do, just don’t cradle that phone!